Staying Motivated to Keep You Caffeinated

I may start using a different word other than caffeinated, perhaps it's best to say 'going'. The world is so wildly different than that we knew 1, 3 or 6 months ago. Frankly, it's scary, and it's even scarier to think what might lie ahead. 

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I'll posit that I might feel how intense this change truly is more than most. We just stumbled out of a gilded age of economic growth and development, and seeming landed in some alternative dystopia.

I've stopped trying to make predictions, or pretend that I know better than anyone else what's going to happen. This started long before Covid, I've simply been proven wrong too many times. All I know with any sort of certainty is this, whatever happens next, the best version of me is best suited to handle it. 

For that reason alone, I'm going to make a cup of coffee, pick my head and keep going. Tomorrow is rapidly approaching, and I want to be ready. My job right now, and the good that I bring to our community is coffee. Coffee can be many different things: an indulgence, a ritual or an on switch. For many it's a fuel, either to start the day, go for a run, lock-in on a tedious project that has to be done, or sub in mryriad differnt items coffee helps us achieve. 

That is where I take pride, that I might be doing one small thing, providing a hot or cold drink that wakes you up and makes you feel better, or feel ready. The world needs all of us to keep going, I would be thrilled to help that happen.