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Wholesale Service Agreement


Welcome to the Tiny House Coffee Roasters wholesale program! Our goal as a wholesale coffee supplier is to provide prompt and efficient service, price points that are fair to both coffee cultivators and drinkers, and above all else: consistently delicious products. 

We’ve designed our wholesale agreement to set a standard of service, and a system of efficiency and accountability with which we can better serve you. This is not a contract, just a mutually beneficial system of checks and balances that allow us to provide exemplary service and great coffee in a timely manner. Your business is important to us, so feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions at  


Our wholesale customers are defined as any business entity ordering large quantities of whole beans or ready-to-drink cold brew for either in-house usage or for resale. We do not require any contracts or exclusivity (unless Tiny House equipment is provided), but do require some rudimentary account information, consent to our wholesale service agreement, and a minimum order quantity of $45 at least once every 30 days to receive wholesale pricing.

Whole bean coffee is available in 5lb increments for wholesale, or by cases of 6 x 12oz for resale. Bag-in-Box cold brew is available by case counts of 6 x 48oz boxes or 3 x 96oz boxes. Nitro cold brew is available as a 5-gallon or 15.5 gallon keg, and we also offer 5-gallon kegs of nitro tea and sparkling water.

If you are interested in white label coffee to sell under your own brand, contact for details and pricing, as they greatly vary based on the request specifications. 


Our wholesale pricing model is as follows; wholesale prices can also be viewed in the Quick Order Form section of our online wholesale portal, which can be found by logging in with your account information at If you do not have access to wholesale products via your Tiny House customer account, email us at and we can ensure you have the necessary clearance. 

5LB Whole Bean Coffee-------------------------------------------------- $45 - $50

Case of 6 x 12oz Whole Bean Coffee--------------------------------- $48

5-Gallon Nitro Cold Brew Keg------------------------------------------- $99

5-Gallon Nitro Cold Brew Keg Barrel Age---------------------------- $110

5-Gallon Nitro Tea---------------------------------------------------------- $99

15.5 Gallon Nitro Cold Brew Keg--------------------------------------- $225 

Case of 6 x 48oz Bag-in-Box Cold Brew------------------------------ $37

Case of 3 x 96oz Bag-in-Box Cold Brew------------------------------ $30

Case of 3 x 96oz Bag-in-Box Cold Brew Barrel Age--------------- $33

Kegerator Rental Fee, Single Tower------------------------------------------------------ $50 / month

Kegerator Rental Fee, Dual Tower-------------------------------------------------------- $60 / month

Kegerator Rental Fee, Inactive Account------------------------------------------------- $75 / month

Kegerator Purchase, Single Tower-------------------------------------------------------- $900

Kegerator Purchase, Dual Tower---------------------------------------------------------- $1000

These prices are subject to change due to inflation, freight costs, cost of goods or resources, and/or cost of labor, but we are flexible in regards to working with our customers on a case-by-case basis whenever possible.

Our one-off event pricing is as follows:

Installation/Rental/Keg for a 5-Gallon Keg: $300 total

Installation/Rental/Keg for a 15.5-Gallon Keg: $500 total



Tiny House offers a different set of pricing for distributors who move large quantities of product for resale. Reach out to if you are a distributor interested in carrying anything in our product line. 


Orders can be placed through your company’s internal purchase order system, our online wholesale portal at, or via direct email to If orders are not placed through one of these three means of contact, we cannot guarantee they will be processed in a timely manner and therefore may not meet the criteria for next-day delivery

Whole Bean Orders placed Monday through Friday before 12:00pm Central are eligible for next-business-day fulfillment and will be shipped or delivered the next day unless otherwise specified.

Cold Brew Orders placed Monday through Friday before 3:00pm Central are eligible for next-business day fulfillment and will be shipped or delivered the next day unless otherwise specified.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate same-day orders at this time. Please also note that all orders are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis and eligibility does not guarantee availability for next-business-day delivery.

Order (FRI after Cutoff--MON before Cutoff)

-Processed/Roasted/Fulfilled MON

-Leaves warehouse TUES AM (unless later date specified)

-Delivered TUES (unless later date specified)

-If shipped, arrives WED / THURS

Order (MON after Cutoff--TUES before Cutoff)

-Processed/Roasted/Fulfilled TUES

-Leaves warehouse WED AM (unless later date specified)

-Delivered WED (unless later date specified)

-If shipped, arrives THURS / FRI

Order (TUES after Cutoff--WED before Cutoff)

-Processed/Roasted/Fulfilled WED

-Leaves warehouse THURS AM (unless later date specified)

-Delivered THURS (unless later date specified)

-If shipped, arrives FRI / MON

Order (WED after Cutoff--THURS before Cutoff)

-Processed/Roasted/Fulfilled THURS

-Leaves warehouse FRI AM (unless later date specified)

-Delivered FRI (unless later date specified)

-If shipped, arrives MON / TUES

Ordered (THURS after Cutoff--FRI before Cutoff)

-Processed/Roasted/Fulfilled FRI

-Leaves warehouse MON AM (unless later date specified)

-Delivered MON (unless later date specified)

-If shipped, arrives TUES / WED



Tiny House accepts payments via Wholesale Portal, Quickbooks Invoice Portal, 3rd Party Order Processing Portals, Check, or Cash; though paperless methods are always preferable. Additionally, you have the option to autopay your invoices with a card on file. If you would like us to keep and bill a card for you as needed, please feel free to request and complete our credit card authorization form.

Our wholesale payments operate on Net 30 terms, unless otherwise agreed to by both parties. The 30-day period begins upon receipt of purchase order, wholesale portal entry, or direct order request email. If payment is not received within the 30 day period, you may be subject to late fees. If no attempt in good faith is made to remit payment, you may be subject to account suspension until payment is received. If a suspended account is restored, you may be required, at the discretion of Tiny House, to keep a mandatory card on file for payment to be charged upon receipt of any future purchase orders.   


If you would like to keep a standing recurring order, we request that you keep a card on file for autopay to allow for auto-renewal in our automated system. If this cannot be accommodated, please reach out to to confer with a member of our team.  


In instances of wholesale customers outside Tiny House’s delivery zone, orders for whole bean coffee may be shipped from the Tiny House warehouse at the customer’s expense. Currently only whole bean coffee is available for shipping, as we cannot guarantee the shelf stability of ready-to-drink cold brew products during transit.  


Orders within the Austin city limits are delivered once per week free of charge. Additional orders in the calendar week will be charged a $20 fuel surcharge, so it is encouraged to consolidate by placing orders of larger increments. 

Orders 15-30 miles from Austin will have a $25 fuel surcharge. Orders beyond 30 miles of Austin must be shipped and will be charged for shipping. If you would like to place an order for pick-up at our roastery, reach out to and we can accommodate. 

It is the responsibility of the wholesale client to provide us with adequate delivery instructions and up-to-date information. We will arrange for delivery to the address specified in your account information unless specifically instructed otherwise in writing. Orders must have a receiver present to accept and inspect the goods upon delivery. Deliveries may take place any time of day between 9am and 5pm; our order queue and delivery times vary from day to day. With factors like traffic patterns and route optimization, it is not possible to approximate a more specific delivery time. 

Your delivery date will be confirmed at the time of order processing. If no one is present to receive and sign for our delivery, it will be returned to the warehouse and rescheduled. If product must be rescheduled for a second delivery caused by an absent receiver, a $20 fuel surcharge will be added to the order. If you prefer to avoid the additional charge, you have the option to pick up your order from our roastery in Buda, Monday-Friday between 9am and 3pm. In instances of pick-up orders, the Tiny House team must be notified at least 24 hours in advance. 


Your order must be initially inspected and approved upon delivery or collection. If you identify any damages or shortages, you must inform us in writing within 5 days of delivery or collection, providing details, and we will cheerfully replace them for you. 

If the defect arises because instructions for storage, installation, use, or maintenance were not followed, we will be under no liability in relation to the products purchased. 


Tiny House provides equipment rental services for kegerator systems, coffee and espresso grinders, batch brewers, and espresso machines for a monthly fee. 

Kegerator rentals are available for $50/month for a single tower, and $60/month for a dual tower. We provide line cleaning services, nitrogen tank refills, and other maintenance services on rented kegerators free of charge. We also service equipment purchased from Tiny House, provided the customer is an active wholesale customer placing at least one minimum order every 60 days.  

Hot batch brew equipment and espresso machine rentals are available with terms on a case-by-case basis. Only properly trained individuals are permitted to operate the machine. The renter is responsible for routine preventative maintenance and subsequent record keeping thereof including:


-Cleaning each portafilter and group head every night with an approved espresso machine cleaner.

-Cleaning milk wands every night with an approved cleanser.

-Backflushing your machine daily.

-Wiping steam wands after each use.

-Scheduling other regular maintenance required and provided by your rental company.

If a renter is found to be negligent of rental equipment due to improper use, insufficient cleaning, and/or machine operation by an untrained/unauthorized individual, the machine will be serviced by a professional coffee tech at the expense of the renter. Tiny House is not responsible for any sales lost due to the need for coffee tech repair. 

Tiny House provides basic operator training and troubleshooting service requests free of charge as part of routine service and maintenance, and are happy to resolve any issues you may have. If it is discovered upon arrival that a customer has put in a service request caused by improper use of equipment or general renter negligence, a $25 surcharge will be added to the service ticket.

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