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How do I qualify for wholesale pricing?

Our wholesale customers are defined as any business entity ordering large quantities of whole beans or ready-to-drink cold brew for either in-house usage or for resale. We do not require any contracts or exclusivity (unless Tiny House equipment is provided), but do require some rudimentary account information, consent to our wholesale service agreement, and a minimum order quantity of $45 at least once every 30 days to receive wholesale pricing.

I have a home kegerator. Can I get Tiny House cold brew on tap?

Unfortunately at this time we do not service home kegerator setups, but our friends over at Party Barn in Austin can deliver a Tiny House cold brew keg to your home!

What is the onboarding process like?

We just need to capture some information before you receive your first order and/or installation. Whenever you're ready, you can look over our Wholesale Service Agreement and fill out our Wholesale Account Information Form. Once we have the info we need, we'll create an account for you and get your first order scheduled!

What is the ordering process like?

Orders can be placed via direct email or through our website's wholesale portal.

Be sure to let us know if you want to order through the wholesale portal so we can grant access to our wholesale products and pricing on the website!

What is your lead time for orders?

Whole Bean Orders placed Monday through Friday before 12:00pm Central are eligible for next-business-day fulfillment and will be shipped or delivered the next day unless otherwise specified.

Cold Brew Orders placed Monday through Friday before 3:00pm Central are eligible for next-business day fulfillment and will be shipped or delivered the next day unless otherwise specified.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate same-day orders at this time. Please also note that all orders are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis and eligibility does not guarantee availability for next-business-day delivery.

Large orders may require additional lead time.

Are there any delivery fees?

Our wholesale customers enjoy one free delivery per calendar week. Additional orders during a calendar week are charged at $20 per delivery.


What kind of equipment do I need for nitro cold brew?

Each cold brew system needs a kegerator, a keg shell full of cold brew, proper hookups and pressure regulators, a nitrogen tank, a faucet, a nitrogen-compatible spout, and a tap handle.

If you'd like to learn more about kegerator systems, check out our article on the subject!

Can I use my own kegerator system, or do I have to rent from Tiny House?

Customers can use their own kegerator (provided they use Sanke compatible hookups), purchase a complete kegerator setup from us, or rent one of our units.

Kegerator rentals are $50 / month for single tower and $60 / month for dual tower.

You can purchase a kegerator system from us for $1100, built and assembled.

What are the dimensions of the kegerators?

We use an EdgeStar KC3000 kegerator unit, the dimensions are 26in x 36in x 24in. Each kegerator runs on regular 110v outlets and can fit either 2 x 5-gallon kegs or 1 x 15.5-gallon keg.

What type of keg shells do you use?

We keg our coffee and tea in Sanke style (commercial) kegs, so our kegs are not compatible with Corny style (commonly used in home brew) keg hookups.


What are the nutrition facts on your cold brew?

Our Nitro Cold brew and nitro tea is simply coffee / tea and water. Therefore both products have zero or close to zero calories with no fat or protein.

What is the caffeine content of cold brew?

Cold brew coffee averages about 15 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce.

What's the difference between still cold brew and nitro cold brew?

They are mostly the same, with one small difference. Nitro cold brew actually starts out as still cold brew, we then inject nitrogen gas, similar to how CO2 is added to soda, to product a more velvety mouthfeel and attractive pour. It will look similar to a Guinness beer, with the cascade and microfoam on top, where regular cold brew would appear more like an iced black tea.

How many servings comes in a keg?

A single serving is 8 fl oz of coffee or tea.

Each 5-gallon keg contains roughly 80 servings of cold brew.

Each 15.5 gallon keg contains roughly 250 servings of cold brew.

How long does the cold brew stay good for?

As long as the cold brew is kept at proper cold holding temperatures, it will retain its freshness for 90 days, after which you will see a decline in quality.


What are your ethics with sourcing?

Our founders were Peace Corps volunteers in Nicaragua, which inspired this journey into coffee. They noticed the incredible head winds faced by small producers in an ever changing world: access to strong direct-trade relationships are almost exclusively enjoyed by larger, more capitalized farms.

We've made it our mission to work with smaller producers, paying them an economically viable price for their coffee which allows them to prosper. These types of relationships have a much more profound impact when applied to smaller producers and you can truly see the impact on the individual, the farm, and on a community level.

We take great pride in sharing these stories as a large part of what makes our coffee great. You can read more about these relationships here.

Are your coffees organic?

As anyone on the farming and sourcing side of coffee can tell you, the organic question is something of a loaded question. 

Many small farmers like the ones we work with cannot afford the membership-style fees required of formal certifications, even though they implement many organic style practices on the farm. It is an example of the kind of economic hurdles that can actively harm the little guy.

As a result of us focusing on relationship coffees from small producers with small farms, some of our coffees are from farms that are certified and some are not.

Our coffees are specialty grade, meaning they are rigorously cupped, evaluated, and scored for quality control and approved for consumption at several intervals in the sourcing process: at origin, after landing state-side, and once arriving at the roastery. If contaminations or defects like mold / insect damage or the presence of harsh chemicals are found, the lots are rejected.

What are the flavor notes on your label?

Much like wine, coffee has many complex flavor compounds that can be likened unto other tastes and aromas. Our whole bean coffee bag labels feature flavor indicators for the coffee based on tasting notes from our quality control team. We do not add any flavors to our beans, with the exception of our Barrel Aged coffee, which has been aged in whiskey barrels.

How much coffee comes in each bag?

Depending on the brew ratio used, each 12oz bag can make roughly 21-24 cups (8 fl oz) of coffee.

Depending on brew ratio, each 5LB bag can make roughly 140-160 cups (8 fl oz) of coffee.

Can you grind the coffee for us?

Unfortunately we have come to the conclusion that it would be best for us to stick to offering whole beans exclusively. This had to do with the logistical friction that could occur with different grind size request, and us not having the proper pieces in place to execute on this to the level we would like. We are more than happy to recommend some bulk grinders for you!

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