Traceable Impact

Every coffee is sourced direct. Contracts written with and by farmers.

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Nueva Segovia | Nicaragua

Get Coffee. Give Education.

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2019 Brazil Crop

This year's lots are here. Learn why we're so excited!

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Attainable Change

Fostering positive change both locally and globally through creating simple solutions rooted in improving the understanding, and interactions customers and farmers face in the specialty coffee industry.

Born in the Peace Corps, and inspired by the Tiny House Movement, we seek to do more by embracing the "less". Instead, emphasizing and encouraging others to seek out  even the smallest of change.

Leading to a better, more caffeinated world! 

Traceable Impact

Our standards and practices are connected by our two-way commitment to those involved:

Our partners at origin, and our customers back home.

When you partner with Tiny House Coffee, you are funding those standards to sustain and grow for others, so... Thanks!