Peace Corps Volunteers turned Coffee Roasters

Founders Blake and Helen started Tiny House Coffee Roasters while living in Nicaragua as Peace Corps Volunteers in 2012. Seeing the tremendous hardships that the local coffee farmers were facing led them to make a commitment to help.

The trend continued as they worked and grew the business, eventually diversifying into cold brew and more retail focused products. By the end of the second year, they placed an order for over 10,000lbs of coffee from their friends in Nicaragua. 

Launching into the fourth year, the team grew along with their name in the specialty coffee industry. All the work up to that point accumulated to a collective effort between Tiny House and several other Texas roasters to purchase an entire container (37,000 lbs) from the producers in Nicaragua. 

What had started with hand shake deals over a few glasses of rum one night in Nicaragua had grown to purchasing full containers and making a real difference in the lives and communities of Nicaraguans. 

But this is far from the finish line. In fact, today it looks more like a starting line. We now look to the future with the same gusto and passion to elevate more lives and more communities around the world, in places that need it most.

The Good ol' days