We Make Cold Brew

A lot of cold brew. But not just coffee, we are now offering various teas including nitro matcha and hibiscus. We have also partnered with local distillery Still Austin for our Barrel Aged Cold Brew.

In 2015 we were asked if we could provide a keg of cold brew to a growing office.

Having no experience doing so, nor the facility or resources, our answer was a clear and obvious: Yes, with gusto! So we got to work, tinkering with small 5-gallon batches of brew, many wildly flawed inventions, and finally the creation of one hell of a cold brewery.

Things look a lot different today

We moved into our 6000 square foot facility at the end of 2019 and now dedicated the majority of that space to our top class brewery. We have over 800 square feet of cold storage, two 250 gallon brewing vessels and over 2000 gallons of holding tanks.

We utilize an automatic keg washer with premier cleaners and sanitizers to make sure every brewing vessel is cleaned and sanitized to ensure our delicious brew arrives fresh and stays fresh. Our kegs and tanks are measured with an ATP reader to ensure cleaning standards are maintained and consistent.

Each brew is carefully crafted by our head brewer. After a 20 hour brew, the coffee is measured for strength and run through two 10 micron cartridge filters to ensure the smoothest, most delicious product possible.