Bodum French Press, 8-Cup

The OG in Full Immersion Brewing. Great for those that love a heavy bodied brew. 

Chemex Classic Series, 8-Cup

1941's Classic Original Pour Over. Excellent choice for those that enjoy a cleaner cup and a more acidity in there cup. Use with Bonded Paper Filters.    

Clever Coffee Dripper, 18-Oz

Now Imagine in the French Press and the Chemex had a baby! Full immersion meets filtered coffee. Use with Kalita 102 bonded paper for best results.

Toddy Cold Brew System

Super easy setup for creating delicious cold brew coffee at home!  

AeroPress Coffee Maker

If you prefer Espresso or an Americano, give the Aeropress a look. One of the few manual brewing methods that uses pressure to speed up the extraction. Compact and Plastic. Great for the outdoor enthusiast.